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One off, single session

The strengths of therapy and coaching combined in a single 70 minute session 


If you've got an immediate problem you need to get on top of, a combination of coaching and therapy will ensure that just one session will get you moving towards a solution. 

I am not promising you overnight change. But I am using evidence-based techniques which have been shown to help others in similar situations. If you are looking for a miracle cure, keep looking. But if you are willing to put the work in, a one-off, single session is often the place to kickstart the process of change.

Therapy. Coaching. Both. 

More About Single Session Therapy and Coaching

Therapy. Coaching. Both.

Sometimes a single session is enough. You've got an immediate problem to resolve and a combination of coaching and therapy will get you moving towards a solution.

I offer a psychologically-informed understanding of your problem that gets below the surface, plus practical tools to make an immediate difference in your life.

I am not promising overnight change. But I am using evidence-based techniques shown to have helped others. If you are willing to put the work in, a one-off, single session can kickstart change.

Will A Single Session Help.

If you've got an immediate problem and you want a solution-focussed, no-nonsense approach, a single session can cut to the chase and get you moving in the right direction. 

Maybe you need to get a better handle on a problem that you’ve been grappling with alone. Or maybe you’re dealing with a setback but you don’t need longer-term therapy. 

A single-session helps in any situation when you want an objective, professional point of view, but without a long-term commitment.

How Does It Work.

Once you've booked a session I’ll send you a questionnaire. Sharing that with me helps me prepare too. When we meet we’ll talk more about your problem and what makes you tick.

Some people know exactly what the issue is. Others need help defining it. Having clarified things, we’ll look at what's helped others. We’ll also explore what lies behind the problem - the less obvious things that trip you up.

From there, we’ll map out next steps and you’ll take away practical tips and techniques to implement. I'll follow up with some tailored resources.

I want your session to be useful, so I'll ask you some tough questions about how serious you are about change. Neuroscience shows that the brain can change but, like your muscles, it does so over time and in response to effort.

After the session, many people feel they got what they wanted. Others want to put things into practice before deciding if they need another session. Some realise their problem is deep-rooted and want something more regular.

Who will it help.

Anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their life. I work with senior executives at FTSE 100 companies; professional athletes and actors; investors, founders and fund managers; producers, editors and journalists; diplomats and politicians; as well as people in the public eye. I've also worked with school teachers, NHS staff, and firefighters - people who do some of the most important work in our society. In short, anyone serious about change.

Some of the people I see are at the start of their career - preparing for promotion or stepping into a big job. Others are already prominent in their field, have high net worth but wonder what the next challenge is or why it feels a bit hollow.

Often people are dealing with transitions in life - moving in together, relocating abroad or separating. Or they're dealing with the more ordinary challenges of life: parenting or being a better partner, anxiety, depression or other common mental health problems. What they all share is a desire to do something about that. If that’s you, you are welcome to book a session. 

A bit more about me

I've worked as an executive coach for over a decade. I combine that with my work as a psychotherapist and my role as co-Director of The London Centre for Applied Psychology. Before that I was a member of an Executive Board with an annual budget of £4 billion


I recently wrote a book on how to get good therapywith Graham Johnston. Our work has been featured in The Telegraph, The Observer, The Guardian, The Metro, The Express and The Sun. 

Not many people offer single sessions and I’ve been doing so for a while now, as well as writing about it here and here and providing training on it. You can book and pay for a session online. Or, if you’ve got questions, contact me here

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